Dutch Brain Olympiad 2020 and Covid-19

Unfortunately, in 2020 the organization of the Dutch Brain Olympiad also has had to deal with the consequences of the current Covid-19 epidemic. Right after the regional preliminary rounds took place, on January the 25th in Amsterdam and on February the 1st in Nijmegen, the Netherlands faced the arrival of the corona virus. As is well known, with time it became clear that major and far-reaching measures were necessary to limit the spread and infections.   

The Dutch finale day, which was planned for June the 12th 2020 during the Dutch Neuroscience Meeting in Lunteren, eventually was cancelled, like so many world-wide organized Brain Bee-related activities. As the consequences from the Covid-19 epidemic were still felt at the end of the summer period, the decision was made to officially close the Dutch Brain Olympiad 2020

This means that in 2020 we have two Dutch Brain Olympiad champions: Mare Rootmensen (regional champion Amsterdam) and Koen Aarts (regional champion Nijmegen)! Again, congratulations!

Because of the decision to cancel any and all further Brain Bee activities in 2020 worldwide, no official world champion has been selected for 2020. To give Mare and Koen, and the other students that were supposed to compete in the Dutch Brain Olympiad 2020 finale, a second chance, we cordially invite them to join the Dutch Brain Olympiad 2021, to have another shot at the world championship 2021 in San Diego, America!